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Sail with Us and Preserve the Environment


Our goal is to be in harmony with the environment and to achieve local outcomes with global goals. We do this by maintaining strong sustainability practices and guide lines to pass on a healthy environment for our younger generation. We use the wind on our sails to glide our vessel across the water ways. We tread lightly on our environment to protect our bird and marine life and the indigenous heritage of our region.

We employ local crew and use local produce on our yacht.

We follow all Laws and Regulations on the waterways and minimise all associated pollutant risks.

We participated in the earth check Micro credentials program.

We are a partner with the take3forthesea  Ground swell program. Collecting any debris we find on our waterway and shoreline areas, where ever possible. Larger debris items are reported to National Parks and Wildlife service. 

take3forthesea sustainability

Experience Serenity on the Water

Take a life style choice to your holistic health and let our water based experience enhance your well being. 

Let nature and the environment into your life and talk to you.

The wind in the sails and you in tune with the wind is part of sailing. May it embrace you and take you on a journey. Our waterway and the weather have many moods, they all have beauty, our respect and gratitude.  

Nature is our fuel, water our medium and you are part of this balance. Let us share it with you. 


sunset over Lake Macquarie
sunset sailing
Pulbah Island Lake Macquarie
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