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Who are we?

Forged out of a deep love for sailing and the outdoors, Lake Macquarie Sailing Tours was started in 2020 by the father and son duo, Tony and Jared Styan.


Tony grew up sailing on Lake Macquarie and for as long as he can remember has always loved connecting with nature and above all, being out on the water.


As a digital marketing specialist with a passion for travel and adventure, when Jared heard that his dad had bought a sailing boat he had an idea... and together they created Lake Macquarie Sailing Tours.

sailing tours crew members skipper and co founder

What do we do?

We aim to give each of our customers the best sailing experience of their life. In our tours, we sail across the beautiful Lake Macquarie to Pulbah Island where our guests can explore the island, have a swim or just relax on board and take in the scenery.


Along the way, we offer delicious food platters and non-alcoholic beverages whilst Tony talks about the fascinating history, rich culture and amazing flora and fauna of the Lake Macquarie area.

Currently, we have both morning and afternoon tours available, to suit everyone's individual preferences and budgets. Our tours take a maximum of 4 guests with 1-2 crew members on board.

What makes us unique?

Only having 4 passengers makes our tours more personal, hands-on and hosts a relaxed atmosphere.

Sometimes you may see a dolphin swimming alongside the boat or a sea eagle soaring above, other times, you will be sailing past Pulbah Island watching the sunset as the awesome scenery drifts by. 

As we say here at Lake Macquarie Sailing Tours...

Love the lake, Sail the lake,

Have a little adventure!

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